Rugby Lost and Found

Well, after a season of SNOW and RAIN, with 2 ruggers on 3 different teams – our son on his high school 15s team (Go Bishop Dwenger Saints!!) and a 7s team from Fishers (Go Sparta 7s!), and our daughter on her high school 15s team (Go Bishop Dwenger Lady Saints!!) – we have enjoyed a quiet July, with the interruption of a fun-filled day of rugby at one of the Midwest’s oldest tournaments, the 44th Annual 3Rivers Rugby Tournament!  The kids filled in off-and-on with touch rugby during June, and my son traveled with the 7s team.  At the end of May, while I was hoping to be done with washing rugby shorts and jerseys, long socks and searching for mouth guards for awhile, I was not and we enjoyed several more weeks of rugby.

So, in these past few weeks, we’ve accomplished a lot of non-rugby tasks.  We painted my daughter’s bedroom a very lovely rugby color, white with a SMIDGEON of magenta to make a pink color.  It looks beautiful!  My son had his wisdom teeth removed – all 4, all impacted – poor guy!!  It was good to have several days to not do anything physical to encourage proper healing.  We’ve traveled, we’ve been swimming, and right now we’re enjoying fall-like weather.  Which makes me think of rugby!

So walking around the house today, here’s what I found:

Lonely mouthguard

A sad, lonely mouth guard!!  The saddest part – I have no idea to whom this lovely mouth guard belongs!  Being a frugal rugby mom, do I toss it?  Do I re-sanitize it?  Do I save it for some unknown reason?  Hmmm… a mystery!  I think the saddest part of this is that this mouth guard has sat within reach for at least 7 weeks.  Time to move it along!

White Rugby Shorts

Ah, yes.  A lovely pair of white rugby shorts.  STILL sitting in the laundry room.  Why?  The last rugby match was at least 9 days ago.  But at least they are clean!

I spy rugby shoes!

I spy … 2 pairs of rugby shoes!  My daughter’s pair will not be worn for months, until the spring 15s season begins.  My son’s red rugby boots/cleats will never be worn again.  Here’s why:

Broken Rugby Shoe

Sigh.  Old red has met its match.  This poor shoe blew out in early June at a 7s tournament.  Yes, you read that correctly, early June.  But, they are a favorite pair, and thus my son has lovingly wrapped this shoe with duct tape (duct tape is good for so many things!) and was able to get at least 5 more days of rugby out of this great pair of shoes.  He usually wears striped socks as a scrumhalf, so with the striped navy-and-white socks and red shoes, I say he’s like Waldo out on the pitch.  It makes him easy to find.  We’ve GOT to replace these shoes this week, and I hope we find some good red ones.  🙂  Here’s a picture so you can see what I mean:

Matt, aka "Waldo"

So much easier to see these red shoes against the navy uniforms and green grass, and thus, find my son on the pitch!

And finally, here’s something I got from Santa in my stocking this year, and I finally put it where it belongs:

Rugby Mom

And that, my friends, is my favorite title.